Wrap Up: April 2017

This is probably not the last thing you’ll hear from me with regards to what I did in April, but I figure I might as well try to put this monthly wrap-up together anyway. Which was hard, by the way. I had way too many pictures to filter through, and it was crazily tempting to put everything on my vacation up as a slideshow. But that’s hundreds of pics, and so to save space and time, I had to limit the pics I used. That said, vacation wasn’t the only thing I did in April, which could also explain why I’ve been scarce in the blogoverse lately.

Books Read

Yeah, I read a meager two books over the month of April…which means I’m pretty behind. Considering BookCon is around the corner, I really should get through my books, since I’m anticipating I’ll be getting more in the beginning of June. Urghhh frustrationz.

Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs || Silk by Caitlin Kiernan

Currently Reading

Portal of a Thousand Worlds by Dave Duncan || The Jane Austen Handbook by Margaret C. Sullivan || Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor


Other than minor edits for a few writing pieces, not much on this front. I’ve been focusing on putting my writing voldies’ anthology together for the school, so I haven’t actually managed to gain the time to go back to my own stories. This whole time management thing is really kicking me in the rear.

Movies and Television

I was just as bad with movies over April like I was in March, so not much on my front.

London Has Fallen || Your Name || La La Land (yes, again, I don’t know why) || Assassin’s Creed

And TV wasn’t any better, though I am making my way back to watching Arrow and Flash. I’ll probably be adding Supergirl into that list at some point, but it’s practically a low priority. I may end up bingeing most things once the summer hits, because then I’ll finally be out of work for several weeks!

Video Games

Final Fantasy XV – I’ve been playing this game for way too long. And there are way too many feels in it. TOO MANY FEELS. I’m probably halfway into the playthrough, but I keep getting distracted with all those damn side quests. I must have spent a good 3-4 hours just gambling away at the monster arena alone… *twitches*

Fooding, Drinking, and Desserting

This is going to be a food-heavy post. Surprisingly, I didn’t really eat so much during my week in Europe, so the food pics were not as numerous as I’d thought. Same thing with the drinks. I kind of had a bit of a stomach ache in the middle of my vacation, so that might have curtailed my appetite a bit (and it’s still a bummer about not being able to have butterbeer!).

With the exception of the lamb, everything else I’d had abroad.

Fish n’ Chips || Lamb Curry || Chicken Meat Pie || Fettuccine Bolognese || Croquettes || Pork Roast || Smoked Salmon on Seaweed and Rice || Hummus and Tabbouleh

And, of course, the drinks! Not all alcoholic, mind…

Whittard’s mango tea || Phileas Fogg’s Trans-Siberian Express (vodka base) || Fuller’s London Pride (pale ale) || Cappuccino Americano || Phileas Fogg’s Oriental Journey (gin base) || Earl Grey tea with apple and blackberry butter biscuit || Rose wine rainbow float || Thai iced tea

And, of course, vacation days wouldn’t be complete without dessert! I went to Brussels as well, so two-thirds of these pics came from there.

Belgian Waffles (banana and Nutella) || Snickers ice cream || Haagen-Dazs Limoncello ice cream || Tiramisu || Chocolate parfait || Assorted Belgian chocolates and macarons


Spring break happened! Honestly, I thought spending a week in the UK was not enough, especially when I had packed my vacation days with so much to do. I visited quaint English villages, countrysides, castles, and traipsed the city for hours, and I found that I still hadn’t seen everything that London and much of England had to offer. I guess that means having to book another trip at some point over there, amiright?

I also took a day trip to Brussels, which was pretty cool, though honestly, I was a little underwhelmed by the city itself. Much of the center and the touristy areas were pretty, and it was worth the day trip. The most I got out of the city, though, were the numerous amount of artisanal chocolateries that lined the streets. While the city itself underwhelmed me, I was certainly overwhelmed by all the chocolate shopping I did!

I’m not even going to discuss the fact that I’d gone to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio. Because that’s just a whole other post waiting to happen.

Nerdy News

Here be vampires. Now all I need scientists to do is uncover skeletal evidence of were-creatures and I’m set. I mean…um, a lot of things are possible these days, right?

With all the complaints people had of Mass Effect: Andromeda, it was a matter of time that a patch came through. Though, honestly, people, do you remember how it was like playing ME1? Because I do, and from the looks of things, ME:A shouldn’t really have been getting so much Hater-ade. But maybe that’s just my rational side talking.

I mean, between G.R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss, I’m wondering if there’s a betting pool somewhere for who gets their next book published first. Not that I should complain, I’m horrible at reading series, and I haven’t read either of their latest series installments. Well, in the case of Rothfuss, this will be remedied at some point!

Here comes the General! Word is that the late Carrie Fisher will at least have footage added into the next two Star Wars movies. Which is great, because giving her an off-screen mention would have been really sad.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about Bioware’s MMO IP, because I’m not a big MMO player, but I’d totally try this game out for when it ever gets released.

Meet young Albus Dumbledore. Though, really, how “young” is young anyway? In any case, I thought this was a much better casting call than the silly thing they did with Grindelwald (ugh, Depp, seriously? I still don’t see it).

I can tell why Star Wars fans would lose their collective shits over this trailer. Honestly, I didn’t know which I loved more, the fact that Rey is doing Jedi training or the fact that the legendary Luke Skywalker finally has some speaking roles in this movie. Probably both, because I was squeeing by the end of the trailer.

Yaaaaas Carmen San Diego yaaaaaaaaaaas. She was seriously my version of James Bond growing up, and I’m SO happy they’re going to reboot this over in Netflix. SO HAPPY.

I’ve read only the first book, and a couple volumes of the graphic novel adaptation, but I could totally get into watching The Wheel of Time series. I am a little wary about what studio is going to do this, though, because I thought The Shannara Chronicles weren’t as well-done as I’d hoped, and that was also based off a fantasy series.

I find them adapting Fahrenheit 451 into a series kind of amusing, considering Bradbury’s commentary on media itself. But, hey, y’know what, I’D STILL WATCH IT.

I’m not caught up with Marvel’s superhero movies (in fact, I’m not caught up with any of the superhero movie franchises), but this particular X-Men arc is near and dear to my heart. The Dark Phoenix storyline was always my favorite of the X-Men franchise, and I thought it had been poorly handled in the original movie trilogy.


April Wrap-Up


Less of a book splurge this month, but I blame the fact that I ended up “reading” two books that were pretty much over 800 pages each. Never mind that I balanced this out by reading smaller stories and graphic novels, and technically Outlander was an audiobook. Um. Anyway, counting down to summertime when I can do moooore things!


I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 1: Madly Ever After by Skottie Young (3 out of 5 cookies)
Paper Girls, Vol: 1 by Brian K. Vaughan (3.5 out of 5 cookies)
Winter by Marissa Meyer (5 out of 5 cookies)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Vol. 1 by Yu Kinutani (3 out of 5 cookies)
The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman (4 out of 5 cookies)
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (4 out of 5 cookies) * audiobook
And I Darken by Kiersten White (3 out of 5 cookies)


The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
Risuko by David Kudler


Nothing substantial, unless you count fanfiction. Um. I may have written quite a number of those. Actually, ever since I started my 365-day prompts challenge, I’ve written at least five pieces of Mass Effect fanfiction. That’s a record, considering I haven’t written actual fanfic in…ages. So, uh, those are really the only things I’ve written and finished this month.

“Baby Steps” – Shakarian (in which Garrus contemplates his burgeoning relationship with one Commander Shepard)

“A Breath Too Many” – Shakarian (in which Shepard kicks herself up and dusts herself off)

“Meet Me at the Bar” – Shakarian–YES, DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE? (in which poor Tali hears too much and imagines too greatly)


Same as last month, really, so I am happy to note that I’ve further tightened the plot on my steampunk story and came up with a bit of background worldbuilding for my children’s scifi short, which hopefully will get written and sent off this month before I miss another one of those thematic deadlines. I’ve been very good at missing deadlines these days. Sigh.

“On Imperial Wings” – tentative title – children’s scifi short, based on a Chinese folktale

Amber and Tourmalines – tentative title – steampunk novel featuring Eirika and Lan. I gave up on this as a Camp NaNoWriMo project, because TOO MUCH PRESSURE.


Ghost in the Shell – I’m waiting for the GitS science fiction to turn into today’s science. No pressure, guys, only 13 years left until I’ll be expecting my camouflage cloak and cybernetic enhancements in the mail. Just saying.

The Holiday – Always a go-to chick-flick for when I’m tired and want nothing to do with stress and life in general.

Dior and I – I think I watched this sometime before we staged a fashion show for our little voldies and their parents. Interesting documentary in any case.


Game of Thrones – It begins again! I re-watched season 5 to prepare for season 6. That season 6 opener, though…

Outlander – So I’m kind of in love with Jamie Fraser. I mean, how can anyone not be with that smile. It’s a really nicely done show.

Death Comes to Pemberley – Matthew Rhys tho.

Gossip Girl – I’ve gone further than I ever have before. I’m just waiting now for Vanessa and Little J to hightail it out of the show so I can stop griping about them. Yep.

Halt and Catch Fire – I watch this on-again and off-again. It’s kind of dry, but I like the geekyness of it from time to time. Also Thranduil the Piemaker.


Sims 4 – I may have made a Commander Shepard and a Kaiden Alenko in my Sims 4 universe. Which I guess leads me to…

Mass Effect 3 – “My name is Garrus Vakarian and this is now my favorite spot on the Citadel.” Yeah. I totally tapped that.


Curry, Bulgogi, Tamarind Juice a la Cress

Chocolate Babka breadiness


So I came back to knitting by finally finishing up my Avatar: The Last Airbender pillows (which had been on hiatus for almost two years because I didn’t feel like knitting much). Since I had stuffing laying out in the shed, and honestly, I really had to get rid of the knitting stuffs on the coffee table, I figured I had to finish it.

Of course, then I had to learn to sew the seams on the pillow itself, because lining and everything.

Anyway, the whole thing is soooo comfy. I now keep them in my room with my gazillion other pillows, hah.

They’re reversible and everything!


Animated The Killing Joke looks promising, and I am looking forward to seeing this, since I’ve heard so much about this particular story arc.

Episodic FFVII – Um, still not sure what to think about this. I’d still play it, though. And maybe cry if it disappoints me too much.

Now this is what I call a Good Omen – CHYEAAAAHBOIIII.

GoT winding down! – It’s not like I’m surprised by this. The story had to end eventually.

No more Caskett?! – This still upsets me enough that I’m refusing to watch any more past season 7.

Ocarina of Time Makeover – Still one of my favorite Legend of Zelda games ever. And while it’s a fan-made makeover, it still looks amazing.

Studio Mir’s got something swimming to theatres soon – PRETTY FLYING DOLPHIN-THINGS. Um, Legend of Korra-ish animation. Want. Now.

New Doctor Who Companion! – Pearl Mackie casted as the Doctor’s new companion. I’ve yet to decide whether this is good or bad. From the clip I’d seen, she seems funny and may likely go the Donna Noble route of not falling in love with the goddamn Doctor. So we’ll see.

Lara Croft rebooted – Not sure how I feel about this yet, since I do love Vikander, but for such an actiony role? Still, it beats them casting Scarjo for another damn female action lead.

Wheel of Time on TV? – Too early to tell how soon fans will be able to see this fantasy series come to cinematic light (seeing as a studio hasn’t been named just yet), but it does elicit some excitement on the high fantasy corner of the world. The upside is that the series is actually finished, so readers will know what to expect.

What is this Mass Effect ride and how soon can I head over to California without breaking the bank?!

The Handmaid’s Tale gets a TV adaptation, slates Elisabeth Moss as its star. I haven’t read this book in a while, but I really liked it years back, so I might do a reread of it at some point.