Anthology: The Sea is Ours

Just had to reblog this, because reviews are awesome. And awesome reviews of something you were a part of are even more awesome. (Yes, I’ve just managed to overuse the word awesome. Sorry, not sorry.)



Reasons for Inclusion: Southeast Asian authors, characters, and setting. Several queer characters and disabled characters.

Publisher’s Summary: Steampunk takes on Southeast Asia in this anthology.The stories in this collection merge technological wonder with the everyday. Children upgrade their fighting spiders with armor, and toymakers create punchcard-driven marionettes. Large fish lumber across the skies, while boat people find a new home on the edge of a different dimension. Technology and tradition meld as the people adapt to the changing forces of their world. The Sea Is Ours is an exciting new anthology that features stories infused with the spirits of Southeast Asia’s diverse peoples, legends, and geography.

My Review:

(4.5/5 stars)

While science fiction is very popular in Southeast Asia, those voices aren’t heard very often by the Western world. This English-language anthology aims to change that. 

 The collection starts off beautifully, with the tales of a girl who…

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The Girls Who Were On Fire – A Week of Catching Fire Makeup

Again, straight from the mistress of painting’s mouth. What I loved about film adaptations of awesome books is the visual immersion of the content. Scenery, clothes, action shots, even character interpretations; all of these are definitely elements I looked forward to when I went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And since fashion is probably one of the foremost “to-die-for” elements of The Hunger Games films, I thought a post on makeup and the Katniss/Effie looks was definitely relevant.

Now if I can only get me that Effie butterfly outfit…

And yes, it’s safe to say that I absolutely adored the Catching Fire movie.


As you all may or may not know, The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiered not too long ago last month and was an INCREDIBLE success at the box office.  Being a HUGE fan of the books (minus Mockingjay that book was rubbish), I was also inclined to watch the movies.  I must say I actually prefer the movies over the books so far (note I NEVER say this with the exception of Jurassic Park).  But I digress…I had the fortune of watching Catching Fire last week and was MESMERIZED not only by the editing but also the makeup.  Hoooooly cow the makeup was FANTASTIC!  I just loved every minute of that movie and wanted to recreate some of my interpretations of some of the makeup from the movie.

I did a total of 4 looks for the week.  3 of Katniss’s looks and 1 attempt at an Effie look…

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The Goodreads Relationship Compatibility Test

I’m not sure I buy this compatibility test, but I loved the usage of awesome film allusions throughout the post.

The Chief End

I read. A lot. My wife reads. A lot. We are a reading family. My wife has been using Goodreads for quite some time and I’m a relatively new user. One of the first things I did when I signed up was to go through and start rating books that I had read. Recently I logged onto Goodreads and looked at my wife’s profile. I noticed a “compare books” link so I clicked on it. That allowed me to see the books that my wife and I have both read, want to read, or have rated.

Fullscreen capture 1082013 80638 PM

The results were fascinating to me. My wife reads a lot more Young Adult Fiction and I read a lot more history and theology. But when we read the same books we have remarkably similar taste. So, realizing that correlation always equals causation, I determined that the success of our relationship is assuredly due…

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