Baking Goodness

I have been scarce in the blogging department as of late, though this is mostly sheer laziness on my part. I’ve actually got a few mini reviews and reviews lined up, just with no time to write them. Which will be remedied next week, I swear!

I did become a baking beast this week, and I actually have a couple more things planned for Easter, including an updated Romanian Pasca (this time with chocolate chips!).

So for now, some baked goods pictures!

The cupcakes: Guinness cupcake with whiskey chocolate ganache and caramel vanilla coffee frosting (I opted out of Bailey’s liquor because budget).

The cookies: Lemon cookie with Dominican dark rum glaze.

There is one common thing about the two, and it’s that both baked good is comprised of a bit of liquor. Omnomnom.

Until next time! 😉

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